Why Bali?


In-the-Know Bali

Anyone who’s ever been to Bali has felt the magic that is in the air. There is a frequency here that is undeniable which reaches far beyond the welcoming locals, lush landscapes and culture full of grace. The beautiful smells of incense, flowers and sacred offerings…that undeniable spiritual vortex draws in people from all around the world who are interested in healing, yoga, meditation, and higher consciousness. Everything resonates according to vibration here and in the end frequencies attract each other.

Bali is one of the 12 sacred sites of mother earth and on this beautiful island the energy of the planet gets cleaned.

Getting There

IMPORTANT: Do not book your air travel until this retreat has been confirmed with a minimum number of participants. You will be notified by email. Upon confirmation of the retreat, book your flight arriving into Denpasar Bali, Indonesia (DPS).

Travel time will take 20+ hours depending on departure city from in the US. Please ensure ample travel time to arrive in Bali on October 12th by 9PM Bali local time.

Tip: Depart at least 1- 1.5 days before depending on your total travel time including layovers. Your flight itinerary will say the day you will arrive in Bali calculating the entire travel time.

  • Bali is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time & 16 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time zones.

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